Vara Team’s visit To Bomag in Germany

After finishing the signature of the agreement for Bomag products and services and dealer assignment, Vara has been invited to pay a visit to Bomag Headquarters in Boppard to review the market and strengthen the cooperation between Vara and Bomag. This would be providing a big support for growing the road machinery and take it to the next level in the Iraq market.  

On the 29th of March 2022, VARA’s Team met with Mr. Ahmad Cimsit (Sales Director in the Middle East and Africa) and started Business meeting and plan for the future of road machinery and put mechanisms of how to develop the Bomag business in Iraq. Later VARA’s team along with the Bomag’s team made a tour inside the factory to view closely how is Bomag machines produced and how is the production process of roller drums, Also the team went to the spare part division and how to receive requests for spare parts and what is the delivery procedures to dealers worldwide, those mentioned processes are completely running by the newest Robotic technology to avoid any human mistakes.

The team also met with Mr. Jonathan (Bomag’s vice president), a brief was given about Vara’s success story in the market and market analysis and marketing activities also, Vara’s vision and mission. Bomag’s vice president expressed his gratitude to Vara company for continued success and hoped the story of success with Bomag will begin in the future to serve customers more in Iraq.
On the other hand, Mr. Haider (Vara’s CEO) shed light on the challenges faced in the commercial sector and explained to the Bomag Vice President the necessity of cooperation to increase the volume of business and to support Vara in implementing the company’s expansion plan in the future and improve Iraqi road machinery market.

At the end of the visit to the Bomag facility, Vara’s team was invited to lunch with Mr. Ralf Junker (Bomag’s president).
Both parties agreed on the road map for the cooperation and development of road machinery and Mr. Haider thanked Bomag’s president for his kind consideration to Vara and active listening and promised to make a new success with Bomage in the future. Mr. Derick has also expressed his pleasure to assign Vara as Bomag’s dealer, and his passion for leading the Road Machinery business throughout Iraq by Vara Company.