VARA & FSD Collaboration

Besides being a major player in the machinery business in the region, Vara has been in constant collaboration with national and international organizations to help building communities as we’ve always stood for.

This time we had a different type of modification on our Bobcat machine (S450) for FSD organization. The purpose was to use this machine in clearing the rubble in neighborhoods that suffered from the aftermath of ISIS that are hard to reach using bigger machines which is why they chose Bobcat.

The fact that Bobcat machines contain an operating system that enables its operators to control it remotely makes it legitimate for FSD and other organizations to minimize the risk on the field while making progress.

We’ve always known as a trustworthy supplier in the region that selling the machine is one deal, but training end users to operate it is another deal that we care about. With the help of our technicians, service engineers, we dedicated a few training sessions to help FSD field operators to have a full understanding on how to operate the machine.

By the end of our training, we distributed achievement’s certificates for those who participated in the training, and operated the machine with the supervision of our service department.

Proving again that Vara isn’t only a business model, but a business model that cares for the well being of their customers, and the community overall.

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