New Bobcat BHL R-Series Gen2 online launch event

New Bobcat BHL R-Series Gen2 online launch event

As a leading company in the machinery industry in Iraq, and a Bobcat authorized distributor, Vara had its strong determination to be a part of the new Bobcat’s BHL R-Series to be in a stronger bond than ever with Bobcat team on the other end

The webinar was hosted by:

Mr.Gaby Rhayem (Regional director MEA),
Ms.Gül Nalçacı (Product Manager, BHL),

It was an introduction to the new Bobcat’s BHL R-Series. It was held in Vara’s Headquarters with the prosecution of Covid-19 and was attended by:

Adnan Mawlood (Chairman)
Haidar Mawlood (CEO)
Weria Ibrahim (General Manager)
Ibrahim A. Dawood (Deputy General Manager)
Salim Abbas (Assistant HR Manager)
Jasim Hussien (Bobcat Spare Parts Manager)
Karwan Qadir (Doosan Spare Parts Assistant Manager)
Soran Noori (Finance Manager)
Ahmed Mobasher (Senior Technicial Support Specialist)
Havan Ady (Sales Specialist)
Ahmad Abdulqadir (Senior IT Specialist)                                                                                                                                                                                                Ahmad Nazar (Senior Marketing Specialist)
Shayda Omar (Sales Admin)

The webinar was held as an observation and a brief idea of the current market of BHL and its potential in the market space of Africa, and Middle East regions as well as the impact of BHL on the field. The webinar’s attendance was massively big and affective which overcame the obstacles that have been facing the industry on a global scale due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Middle East and Africa have been a major player in the distribution of Bobcat’s machines in general and Bobcat’s BHL in specific.

In his observation of the current BHL market, Mr. Gaby Rhayem (Regional director MEA) said “The importance of BHL in your business is 60%. The big portion of compact industry is BHL in Africa. If you go for the rest of Africa, it’s exactly the same story.”

“The importance of BHL in the Middle East is 30% while 60% is in South Africa, and 70% in the rest of Africa. If I combine Middle East, North Africa and the rest of Africa in one region, it’s going to give the BHL industry in the Middle East” Mr. Gaby added.

“In Middle East and Africa, we’re dominating the market. We’re definitively number one in the compact, track loader, CTL, and Skid Steer Loaders. In every 2 Skid Steer Loaders that are sold in the Middle East, one of them is Bobcat’s. It gives you the idea that our average market share is really high, and our reputation is really high, and the value of Bobcat’s machine is really high” Mr. Gaby added.

In addition, Ms. Gül Nalçacı delivered a very sophisticated introduction to the new generation of BHL R-Series.

“Generation 1 was a great success, and thanks to our customers. In the second generation, we kept what they told us they liked, and improved what they needed to ease their job. The cabin was designed for the operator.” Ms. Gül Nalçacı mentioned in her introduction on the new BHL R-Series.

“It provides an outstanding visibility in the rear with an enlarged sliding window, and an angle side window. In the front, with a new engine covered design. It is roomy, and there’s more space for seat rotation” Ms. Gül Nalçacı added.

Many more features and new upgrades were included in the webinar which were minor yet very major developments in the new BHL R-Series.

The webinar was indulged with some sneak peaks of the new products’ line as well as testimonials of customers, operators, and official dealers from around the world.

Moments From the Webinar:

As Vara team, we’d like to express its gratitude and appreciation to Bobcat’s involvement with its distributors, and keeping in touch with them despite the global pandemic, and reaching out to its customers on many platforms. We’d also like to add that we are committed to bringing Bobcat’s brand’s awareness to a higher level locally and globally.

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