L28 Multi-Purpose Small Articulated Bobcat Loader (SAL) in Iraq and Middle East.

For the first time in Iraq and the Middle East
L28 Multi-Purpose Small Articulated Bobcat Loader (SAL) Arrives.
With the arrival of the first two pieces of the new product of Bobcat in Iraq/Erbil, Vara company renews the covenant to its customers to keep up with the latest developments and import custom Machines suitable for operational conditions in the local market.
The L28 is a small multi-purpose machine that fits narrow locations and hard-to-reach locations, and a range of attachments can be added to it such as breaker, broom, blades and more-else, so that they can perform more and more tasks without having to change the body machine.
It is Important to note that the two pieces were sold as soon as they reached to the one of the company’s customers in Sulaymaniyah. Sulaymaniyah becomes the first city to use this model in the Middle East.
Vara congratulates and thanks its customer from Sulaymaniyah for this commitment and will send a special gift to pay tribute to the trust and loyalty to the company.
The images below contain specifications of machine and approved attachments for use.