Vara company is one of the leading companies in importing, distribution, and service of heavy machinery and its attachments in Iraq. It goes back to the late twentieth century though its humble beginning as a small shop for selling tractors’ spare parts then it evolved to be an authorized company covering all parts of Iraq by being focused on problem solving and dealing with obstacles in the most professional way. As a result, Vara team managed to connect to their customers and build a sustainable solution
for their machines needs.
After the noticeable growth of Vara’s reputation locally, the company was officially registered in Erbil, Iraq as a brand in heavy machinery’s general trading field and the opportunity to collaborate with many well-known international companies and organizations. Vara team had the confidence to exchange experiences and knowledge among us to contribute in the society in order to boost our relevancy to our customers’ aspect in the local market.
To meet our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, and performance, Vara has contributed in local and abroad trainings and workshops with the participation of its
employees to develop their administrative, managemental, and technical knowledge in sales, product support, and after-market service skills by applying these core elements in its showrooms, and service centers that are managed by its skillful staff and specialists.


“A family business that grew with our ambition for our company’s service improvement and believing that our customers’ satisfaction is our continuation. We deal with our employees with professionalism to help grow the business as a whole along with our employees’ individuality for we are all responsible to bring mutual understandings and solutions for our customers and community while exceeding their expectations.”
Adnan Abdulqader Mawlood                                                                                                                                            Chairman


 Precision in introducing the most compatible equipment for our region’s climate, and environment is still a core value of our commitment to our end users. We meet their requirements by keeping our performance on the same level of excellency. Furthermore, Vara provides a variety of diverse solutions through providing the most reliable, and durable machines, genuine spare parts with a very convenient load time. Information and inquiries are always available through our departments and support team. We believe that our customer always deserves the best which is why we don’t lose our customers, but only gain our consumers’ trust through exceeding their expectations, satisfaction, and being trustworthy. continiuous support to our customers is what keeps us in the leading of the Iraqi market and the region.


 We focus on developing machinery’s sector in Iraq by being accurate in providing solutions that are compatible with our local market requirements, environment, and looking at the bigger picture to provide, build, and evolve our community together for the best.


Located in Erbil City (Capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan) putting in mind that Erbil is one of the oldest communities in the world, because of its strategic location and it has become one of the most important commercialized cities in the region.

Address : Head Quarter, Kirkuk Road, Erbil, Iraq
Customer : +964 750 470 8090                                                                                                                                                    Service : +964 783 501 1739
Sections : Showroom, Administration office and sales offices 8 spare part distribution, center (PDC) Service department, Employee Accommodation.


VARA HQ, Kirkuk Road, Erbil, 0750-470-8090                                                                                                                                                                                                          VARA Erbil, 100 Meter Street, Kirkuk Intersection, Erbil, 0750-446-7667                                                                                                                                                                      VAM Erbil, 100 Meter Street, Kirkuk Intersection, Erbil, 0780-440-1212                                                                                                                                                                        VARA Sulaymaniyah,Rapareen, Sulaymaniyah, 0780-446-7667                                                                                                                                                                                    VARA Baghdad, 52 Street, Al-Karrada, Baghdad, 0780-301-7070                                                                                                                                                                                  VARA Basrah, Al-Zubair Street, Al-Muhandseen, 0783-496-0818


Sales: Vara distributes to the market our authorized products by Doosan, Bobcat, Bomag, Valtra and other franchise.

Spare Parts: Providing spare parts for our customers who are in need of parts replacement to operate their machines in high productivity, and efficiency.

Service: Service that helps our customers to keep their businesses running without worrying about outsiders’ assistance which is both time and money consuming compared to the service we’re providing.

Rental: Vara also provide machines rental and maintenance contracts for a long/short term for customers/companies who would like to finish their projects without worrying about machine’s needs.

Production: Producing different types of attachments in house such as Buckets, Grapples, Forks…etc. In addition, Vara has Blacksmithing workshops in its HQ that contains the most modern devices and tools to produce machines’ attachments.


Questioning why you chose Vara?

One of our outstanding successes is the product support services it started from warranties, periodic maintenance, checkup campaigns, and service contracts. We are proud of being one of the top distributors that have experts who cover and fix heavy equipment in our workshops as well as reaching to our customers’ sites.

We provide aftermarket services with safety and standards from spare parts and delivery to the customers’ locations as well as distribution contracts for government organizations, private organizations with our team of skillful engineers with the biggest stock of parts‘ distribution center (PDC) in Erbil. It’s achieved by selling through our branches in whole Iraq.


With more than a century of experience providing heavy machinery, construction equipment, portable powers, and industrial vehicles, Doosan succeeded in contributing to build a better future for humanity in South Korea and across the globe. Doosan is one of oldest companies in South Korea with 121 years of production since 1896.

Vara is an exclusive dealer and a sole distributor of Doosan’s machinery, spare parts, and service in Iraq with a huge level of contribution compared to the other brands. Vara became Doosan’s authorized distributor in the year 2013 to date. We sell and market Doosan’s products in Iraq besides our big market share by our contribution with other brands. Doosan products are excavators, wheel loaders, wheeled excavators, appliances, attachments, and spare parts.


Vara is keen on providing a full package of solutions which its team introduces to its customers. It drove Vara towards adding our dealership of Doosan’s industrial vehicles, electrical and diesel forklifts along with spare parts and attachment. Our distribution’s authorization is dated from 2019 .


Whatever it takes, Vara is ready to get the job done providing our customers with Doosan’s portable power which has been one of the very fruitful dealerships based on our
research in the Iraqi market, climate, and circumstances to fit the community’s needs of energy. Vara’s new dealership has been endorsed, and empowered by Doosan’s Portable power since 2017 and filling a part of the energy gap in Iraq.


Bobcat has been a leading company providing and manufacturing efficient equipment for more than 6 decades meeting the standards of different communities from its
manufacturer in the United States, Europe, and South Korea with a wide range of product line, a variety of applicable attachments, and customer service. Bobcat Company has built and developed equipment that helps in working more efficiently and effectively.
Vara was assigned as an official dealer of Bobcat in 2017 for Iraq except Kurdistan Region (KRG). In result of high performance, and brand loyalty, the dealership for Iraq
Kurdistan (KRG) was granted in the year 2020. Today, Vara is the exclusive dealer of Bobcat in all parts of Iraq. We’re specifically authorized to distribute Bobcat’s (Mini Excavators, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe Loaders, Telescopic Handlers, attachments, spare parts, and aftermarket support).


One of The Vara companies specialized in agricultural equipment and machinery and it’s owned by the Vara Group, the company was founded in 2020 in Erbil, and its goal is to provide agricultural equipment such as tractors and harvesters as well as road machineries such as rollers and pavers in addition to providing spare parts and attachments engage with the equipment mentioned, and in this way, the company will focus more on supporting the agricultural sectors, roads, and bridges in Iraq.
The company’s vision is to form an integrated corporation interested in agricultural equipment and road machinery and provide the necessary support to customers in all provinces of Iraq. It also plans to open branches in Baghdad and Basra to cover the needs of customers throughout. Vam is headquartered in Erbil and its main divisions are sales, maintenance, and spare parts.


AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural solutions. AGCO works tirelessly to help make today’s farms more productive and more profitable. As the world of agriculture changes, so do we. Brazenly. We do it for the farmers. For the people working for them. For ourselves.
For the future. Our collection of brands is a large part of what makes AGCO so unique. Our brands are powerful. They’re modern. They’re well-known brands like Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. They are the ones that the world looks to each and every day.

After the Corona pandemic, specifically in the year 2020, deal made between VAM Company and Valtra Company and both signed the dealership’s agreement and became the exclusive dealership to selling and market Valtra agricultural products in Iraq, at the end of the year the agreement was signed.
As Vara and VAM are known to be very keen in providing the suitable product for the Iraqi operation conditions as well as providing genuine spare parts, mobile service and a specialized team to aftermarket and product support, we are proud of current and future customer and will continue our commitments with our promises to provide necessary equipment and services with real and comprehensive guarantees in all sectors, we will be among the first and the participants to develop the agricultural sector throughout Iraq.


BOMAG founded in 1957, now BOMAG is the world market leader in the field of compaction technology and manufacturer of machines for the compaction of soil, asphalt and refuse. Staers/RecycIers, ng machines and pavers round off our portfolio.
On 9 May 2021 Vara Machinery enter into agreement with the BOMAG (Fayat Group) as Authorized dealer (Exclusive Distributor) in Iraq, The Company offers compaction equipment including single drum, tandem, static, pneumatic rollers, refuser, recyclers, stabilizers, cold planer milling machines and Pavers as well, as BOMAG is well-known brand and their machines are in use in Iraq for more than 40 years, there are many compactors can be seen in the region, hence VARA order spare parts stock and
Provide Mobile Service for all Bomag products.


Vara is the exclusive dealer for Komac’s (Korean products) Jack Hammers, attachments, and spare parts in Iraq. Komac’s Hydraulic Breakers break down heavily supported concrete, buildings, and rocks in less time with a lower cost in demolition, and using attachments and breakers that will be equipped for
heavy and light machinery to enable them to do additional duties by using same machines. Our business with Komac started from the beginning of 2007 until today.


Vara is the Exclusive dealer of Handok’s (Korean products) Hydraulic parts, pumps, and spare parts in Iraq. Handok was founded in the year 1987 in South Korea providing high quality hydraulic equipment, spare part, parts, and pumps imported to the Iraqi market through our company. Since then, Handok proved itself for its high-quality products. Vara became a part of this success in 2010 and it has been moving forward with constancy.



Vara is an Exclusive dealer for YBS (Korean products) in Iraq by providing YBS seals, and seal kit,and hydraulic.

Hydraulic Attachments

Vara has a special team that work on attachment business, and upgraded hydraulic system into machines. We supply the Iraqi market with various models of attachments like (Pulverizers, shear, crusher buckets, grapples, rotating crushers…etc). In addition, we produce attachments under Vara’s name, and guarantee our products that are made in our facilities to be free of defects, and ready to do the job in high productivity and effectiveness.


Vara supports its customers by providing different types of spare parts and attachments for several brands and models which are available in Iraqi market. We have a special team that their aim is to meet the expectations and standards of our customers.

Vara also offers Trade-in option for its customers who have other brands in competition with Doosan and Bobcat. We provide sustainable machinery solutions for our customers and offer them after-market services which are essential to protect machines and putting our name in the first place when it comes to machinery.


Because we are not only interested in selling at the cost of products’ and customers’ support, Vara has established a training center for heavy machinery’s related matters and working on introducing clients to the basics of servicing, operating, and attachments by a team of experienced specialists, trainers, engineers, and operators. Trainees usually start at our training center with authorized introductory training’s from our training center. These programs and training courses offer a new perspective and educational values for those customers and companies that rely on us to help them operate and have a clear vision of how to deal with the machines.

Heavy machinery engineers and trainers in Vara have practical and scientific experience when it comes to operating and servicing heavy equipment, and are more involved in their communication with the trainees achieving the ultimate goal. In addition, our team is well known for their communication and working skills collectively. They’re also able to follow required safety guidelines and government regulations. Our team keep on training and development heavy equipment constantly with programs from international training centers such as (Doosan Dealer Academy) in South Korea, and (Bobcat Learning Center) in Czech Republic.

SISTER COMPANY / Vara For Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd.

It’s one of Vara’s companies and it’s owned by Vara Group. The company was established in 2018 in Baghdad, and its aim is to provide machinery, heavy plant, compact machinery, forklifts, general spare parts, and attachments. The Company will focus more on southern and middle part of Iraq


The vision of VARA is to open a campus for heavy machines and customer support in whole cities Iraq. We’re also planning to open branches in Hillah (Babylon), and Basra. The headquarter of VARA is in Baghdad and its main departments which are sales, spare parts.