Because we are not only interested in selling at the cost of products’ and customers’ support, Vara has established a training center for heavy
machinery’s related matters and working on introducing clients to the basics of servicing, operating, and attachments by a team of experienced
specialists, trainers, engineers, and operators. Trainees usually start at our training center with authorized introductory trainings from our
training center. These programs and training courses offer a new perspective and educational values for those customers and companies
that rely on us to help them operate and have a clear vision of how to deal with the machines.
Heavy machinery engineers and trainers in Vara have practical and scientific experience when it comes to operating and servicing heavy equipment, and are more involved in their communication with the trainees achieving the ultimate goal. In addition, our team is well known for their communication and working skills collectively. They’re also able to follow required safety guidelines and government regulations. Our team keep on training and development heavy equipment constantly with programs from international training centers such as (Doosan Dealer Academy) in South Korea, and (Bobcat Learning Center) in Czech Republic