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What we do

Mission & Vision

    Precision in selecting the most compatible equipment for our region’s weather and circumstances is still a core value of our commitment to our end users. We meet their standards by keeping our performance on the same level of excellency.

   Information and inquiries are always available through our departments and support team. We believe that our customer always deserves the best which is why we don’t lose our customers, but only gain our consumers’ trust to bring more customers by maintaining our reputation, and being trustworthy. continuous support to our customers is what keeps us in the leading of the Iraqi market and the region.

Any Industrial or Maintenance related issues? we are happy to help you

Call us now: +964 750 470 8090


One of our outstanding successes is the product support services it started from warranties, periodic maintenance, checkup campaigns, and service contracts. We are proud of being one of the top distributors that have experts who cover and fix heavy equipment in our workshops as well as reaching to our customers sites.

We provide aftermarket services with safety and standards from spare parts and delivery to the customers locations as well as distribution contracts for government organisations, private organisations with our team of skilful engineers with the biggest stock of parts distribution center (PDC) in Erbil. It’s achieved by selling through our branches in whole Iraq.


Sold Machines


Branches and Sub Branches




Located in many locations in Iraq and Kurdistan Region. It is considered one of the oldest continuously growing businesses in the region with it determined team of specialists and great minds.
VARA HQ, Kirkuk Road, 44001 Erbil, Iraq
(+964) 750 470 8090 / (+964) 786 770 8090
100 Meter Street, Kirkuk Intersection, Erbil, Iraq
(+964) 780 446 7667
VAM, 100 Meter Street, Kirkuk Intersection, Erbil, Iraq
(+964) 780 440 1212
VARA, Kirkuk Road, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
(+964) 780 446 7667
VARA, 44018 Kalak (Khabat), Iraq
(+964) 783 501 1723
VARA, 62 Street, 10069 Al-Karrada, Baghdad, Iraq
(+964) 780 301 7070
VARA, Al-Zubair Street, Al Muhandseen, Basra, Iraq
(+964) 783 496 0817


Sales: We distribute to the market our authorized products by Doosan, Bobcat, Bomag, Valtra and other franchise.

Spare Parts: Providing spare parts for our customers who are in need of parts replacement to operate their machines in high productivity, and efficiency.

Service: Service that helps our customers to keep their businesses running without worrying about outsiders’ assistance which is both time and money consuming
compared to the service we’re providing.

Rental: We also provide machines rental and maintenance contracts for a long/short term for customers/companies who would like to finish their projects without worrying about machine’s needs.

Production: Producing different types of attachments in house such as Buckets, Grapples, Forks…etc. In addition, Vara has Blacksmithing workshops in its HQ that contains the most modern devices and tools to produce machines’ attachments.

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